Optimal Study Highlighters

Did you know you can highlight on the MCAT? Highlighting is an essential skill to shave off seconds of time and allow you to ensure you answer what you are being asked. If you aren’t a highlighter, start with this set of Sharpie Colors: which receive an “OPTIMAL” rating from MCAT Adventure.

Imagine you are an eagle scouting a canyon for a mouse: food necessary for survival. This isn't just any mouse, it is an escapee: a neon pink lab mouse running about. This makes it much easier to spot and catch!

Highlighting can be a terrific information organizer. Practicing highlighting in person will allow you to practice come Test Day: where you will use keyboard shortcuts to highlight information of relevance.

MCAT Adventure™: Equipment "Essential: Optimal" Rating
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Towards fulfilling an essential MCAT preparation accomplishment, this product receives an "OPTIMAL" award.

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